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Employee Insights: Meet Federico Violano, Allianz SE

by Federico Violano - September 2nd, 2014

Federico’s Career Advice: Be curious and aim high, but never forget what really matters in life.

Ciao Federico, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Federico and I’m doing the Graduate and Young Professionals Program at Allianz Re. Allianz Re is the operating entity which performs reinsurance activities for the Allianz Group. The graduate program offered by Allianz Re is excellent, since it combines three really cool features:

  • four job rotations,
  • an international business trip and
  • a mentorship program.

I’m currently doing my second rotation in Risk Management, after I’ve spent six months in Planning & Controlling. Speaking a bit about my background, I have studied economics and social science in Milan, with a few experiences abroad, in Boston, in Amsterdam and in Xiamen (China). There I was the first economics exchange student – a great way to have a deep dive into karaoke and dice games. During my studies I focused on macroeconomics and economic history, since at the time I thought I would  spend all my life studying the Industrial Revolution and the divergence of economic paths. Luckily, I changed my mind.Allianz-A photo of Frederico

How did you first get interested in the Graduate Program at Allianz Re?

Before answering this question, I must explain how I got interested in reinsurance, which is – unfairly, in my opinion – an industry not particularly popular among graduate students. I came across reinsurance while I was working for a consulting firm and I soon got fascinated by it. I love the fact that in this job it is crucial to be curious, think systemically, and develop a personal picture of what is going on around the globe. Moreover, the opportunity offered by Allianz Re is indeed excellent, as it allows me to develop a 360 degree view on the industry and on the company. Interviews were actually quite fun and I was asked very diverse and unconventional questions – best one probably being “How would you explain Solvency II to my grandma?”

Allianz-Frederico with colleagues

What is your average day at work like?

Honestly, there is no average working day, and that is the most attractive trait of this position. Depending on the needs of the teams joined during the rotation, I may be involved in their day-to-day tasks, or I may be assigned side projects to develop in autonomy.

What do you find most challenging about your working student position?

Both the company and the program so far have met all my expectations. Most of all I have been surprised by the friendly environment and sense of community. I was impressed by the curiosity and breadth of interests ofthe people I have talked to during these months. Also, being part of such a large and diverse financial services group means that there are always opportunities for learning and idea sharing.

                                                                                                       written by Federico Violano

Federico Violano

Allianz SE Reinsurance

Home city/country: Milan, Italy; Academic background: Economics and Social Science; Division at Allianz Group: Allianz SE Reinsurance; Professional interests: Intersection between business strategy, risk; management and planning; Hobbies: Anything that has to do with kicking a ball or riding a motorbike

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