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Employee Insights: Meet Eric Leung, Allianz SE

by Eric Leung - January 7th, 2015

Eric’s Career Advice: Prioritize tasks. Walk the extra miles. Be creative. Above all, enjoy!

Eric’s story

I was born in Hong Kong, lived in Canada, studied in the United Kingdom, worked in Hong Kong, worked in China and for the South Korean government in Hong Kong. To me, living, studying and, now, working part-time in Munich is the best experience so far.

Back in time when I was working in China for the business development of 4-billion-Euros new property projects for a Hong Kong blue chip company, I was stunned by how much I could do when I once left office at 5:30 p.m. just like all other local colleagues did. I went grocery shopping, snooker, gym, dinner and arriving home at 8:30 p.m. – the time that I left my office on a normal day. Even though being among the first to be recommended to work in China by both the headquarters and the director in China meant a fast-track career, I started to realize that there are much more important things in life than work.Allianz-A photo of Eric at the presentation

I wished for a career break and to experience a working life different from Hong Kong’s.

Sustainability is the future for all of us, TU Munich is one of the  leading university in Germany and I adore Bavaria since I came here twice as a tourist. So I decided to have a break from working and to study for a Master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management in Munich. It is the best decision I have ever made so far – I have made friends from more than 30 different nationalities, of very different career stages and educational backgrounds. It is just an awesome eye-opening experience!

How I got interested in Allianz? I passed by Allianz’s logo every day when I was working in Central Hong Kong. The Allianz brand is certainly not anything foreign to me. I was overwhelmed when I realized that Allianz Group’s Global Headquarters is actually situated in Munich. As one of the few key employers in Munich that offers many student jobs in English, Allianz is the obvious choice.

I am interested in Allianz Direct because it involves (but is not limited to) eBusiness, which, I believe, would be the platform for most businesses. I applied and got an interview. I was expecting to see one person – my current boss. At the end, I was actually offered to meet every single member of my team one-by-one. Although slightly exhausting, I felt that they are the right people whom I would love to work with. Let alone that I like the dynamics of the Team, for example, the very efficient way of how they conducted the interview in one go!

Allianz-An aerial view of the city

What is your average day at work like?

There is nothing really called an average day here. You could be in a meeting recording how colleagues formulate strategies and solving-problems for worldwide entities. You could be organizing workshops for experts from different countries to share Best Practices. You could be researching and preparing presentation for the Board of Directors’ meeting…

In fact, I am amazed by how broad the range of skills is each Team member possesses. I am very excited that my skills as a “generalist” built from my previous experiences in coordinating with different stakeholders, in market research and in event organization can be put to good uses. Not to mention to challenge my own limits when handling multi-tasks within a short period of time.

What do you most enjoy about working for Allianz?

I am always keen to pursue new interests and to meet new friends. Working with the big family in our Munich offices is perfect for me. There are plenty of activities that I would love to join. In fact, so many that it would take years for me to fully enjoy all of them. To name a few, there are Social Lunches and After-works for interns; Language Lunches that you could practice your favorite languages; Topic-specific seminar/lunches (e.g. Climate Change); jogging sessions after-work and even Tai Chi (Chinese martial arts for well-being) before-work. The food in the Canteen is marvelous – that’s why I mentioned lunches very often! Let alone a stroll in the English Garden right in front of the office is like no other!

Allianz-Eric at work

What do you find most challenging about your position?

You have to be a quick learner if you want to contribute to the Team as soon as possible. Because the first time that you attended the Team meeting, you would realize that there are so many projects going on around the world, so many stakeholders involved and so many things happening in the eBusiness area at light speed. I am glad that my first job as a Management Trainee in Hong Kong trained me to adapt to this more quickly.

You also have to be very flexible. What I meant is that you should be able to switch from understanding the macro level topics like global strategies to handling administrative tasks in preparing a workshop a few minutes minutes later. And then keep yourself abreast of the latest eMarketing trend talking to consultants in the afternoon. I like something new all the time, it is very exciting indeed!

Allianz-Photo of Eric at a ski resort

Eric’s Factsheet

Name: Eric Leung

Home city: Hong Kong

Academic background: M.Sc. candidate Sustainable Resource Management, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Division at Allianz: Allianz Direct, Global P&C, Allianz SE, Munich, Germany

Professional interests: eBusiness/eMarketing, corporate sustainability

Hobbies: Hiking, football, badminton, swimming and reading

Eric Leung

Allianz Direct

M.Sc. candidate Sustainable Resource Management, Technical University of Munich, Germany; Division at Allianz: Allianz Direct, Global P&C, Allianz SE, Munich, Germany Professional interests: eBusiness/eMarketing, corporate sustainability

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