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Employee Insights: Meet Daniel Dong Ye, Allianz SE (Part II)

by Daniel Dong Ye - February 8th, 2016

In my opinion you will never get bored at Allianz, you will always find a task to do or a project in which you can help. And I can tell you that for me, this happened from day one.

Allianz-Daniel on the telephone

My day had just started, and I was carefully analyzing my colleagues. They didn’t seem to be the overly stereotyped stiff and uptight insurance employees. My presence was quickly noticed, maybe because I stood out with my suit in the hot summer day (which occasionally happens in Munich) when they were just wearing simple shirts without tie and pretty summer dresses. I was greeted by my new colleagues in the department and was baffled by the flat organizational structure that the department had, the heads of the department sat in the “Open Office” like us interns. This would have been unthinkable in many organizations, but here at Allianz it was actually happening.

Once we had our workplaces assigned, another young lady approached us. As I discovered later, she would become my mentor and the person from which I will learn the intricacies of the job. Of course at the time I met her I did not know her that well, and she gave me the impression of a busy person who seemed like she had a lot of tasks going on under her responsibility. And there she was, sitting with the newly graduated students in a glass made meeting room explaining to us the overview and the function of our particular department and answering all our questions and doubts.

If you have previously worked in big organizations, you probably will be familiar with that period of acclimatization. This period is often spent reading documents and getting used to “how things are done”. This could take from a few days to months. In my particular case, my last internship took me a bit more than one month until they started giving me “real work”, for some this might be great, but people like me would rather have a truly hands on experience.

Allianz-Photo of a team discussion

There is something that I believe most interns hate, which is having nothing do, this will lead to you being bored and not enjoying your stay here.

In my opinion you will never get bored at Allianz, you will always find a task to do or a project in which you can help. And I can tell you that for me, this happened from day one.

Is Allianz different?

Quite often employees in larger organizations seem to not really care about the new guy – especially an intern. Considering everything mentioned above, I think it’s quite clear that this does not happen at Allianz. On the contrary, my colleagues did everything they could to include us in the working life.

Lunch is one of the pleasant perks of the job. The canteen has great food, incredible daily variety of choices – from traditional Bavarian cuisine to Asian wok style. Of course, you will never eat alone, there is the famous culture within the company of establishing “Lunch dates”, this gives you the opportunity to meet people in a more informal setting and get to know your colleagues better. If there is one thing I have heard people say repeatedly is “Let’s meet up for a lunch date?”.

Allianz-Daniel at the Allianz canteen

The rest of the afternoon was spent meeting new faces (whose names I promptly forgot), and trying to figure out the meaning of the abbreviations used within the company, such as OE; JAW, TIE, STP…

I believe that everyone has a particular different story to tell of their first day at work in Allianz. And when you come from a foreign country the doubts and fears will be exacerbated. My advice to this would be to just go with it, change and new starts are like an adventure, and if you follow the new ways of working, socializing and adapting to the culture I believe it could become one of the most memorable stages of your life.

Written by Daniel Dong Ye

Daniel Dong Ye

Allianz SE

It was July the 1st, 2015 and I am standing in front of a modern looking glass office in Munich. I begin to wonder what I was thinking moving to a place where I know nobody, I don’t know about the working culture, I don’t speak a word German and I really have no clue what is awaiting me.

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