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Students & Allianz at TEDx Talks

by Kaixuan Li - December 7th, 2017

Students networking at TEDx München “Now more than ever”

This October, Allianz launched an online competition for students, where they could win tickets for the famous TEDx Talks. We hoped, that jointly experiencing inspiring speeches would trigger engaging discussions and foster mutual understanding between Allianz and students. 

On 19th November we welcomed the students Vidya and Chaitanya, who are the winners of the competition and Sonja, an Allianz intern, at TEDx.

The talks covered a variety of current topics in fields of education, business and science. As an example we learned from one business talk that a company’s innovation return is positively related to its women’s quota. And that companies should have at least 25% of women in the management teams in order to drive creativity and generate innovation return.

This led me to ask the students about their opinions. Chaitanya answered, that for him it is important that a workplace is free of any kind of discrimination, whether it is gender or nationality. He further stressed that there should be a fit between the company’s and personal values in order to feel comfortable at the workplace.

Diversity is engaging innovation! I think it is a very important aspect not only based on gender but also on cultural diversity.

Sonja, Steinbeis student at Allianz 

Vidya responded: “I expect to be given equal treatment and opportunities. Also, I want to be able to come up with my own ideas and feel empowered to realize these.” As a conclusion Sonja from Allianz added that she also enjoys to be at a workplace that is enabling innovation and progress. Further she said “This is also very important for future generations to be able to realize their potential, without being limited to routine activities.“


Companies should also think about our environment, along with making profit we should also save our planet earth.

Chaitanya – Software Engineering student


And what could be the conclusion of this event from an employer’s perspective?

The students expect to be able to grow and learn at their workplace. Along with it they expect the company values and culture to align with their personal values such as social and environmental responsibilities.

Empowerment, Growth, Diversity & Equality

seem to be crucial  aspects  for students in choosing their future employer.



(…) everyone should get equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace.

Vidya – Software Engineering student


Find out more about how you can learn and grow at the Allianz Group here: Your development.

Kaixuan Li

Allianz SE

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