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Allianz Offices around the globe – Milan, Italy

by Felicitas Obermeyer - January 24th, 2018


    How does Allianz as an employer look from inside? Allianz has operations in over 70 countries. For people from outside it can be hard to grasp how Allianz is organized and where the different divisions and entities are actually located. This blog posts presents Allianz offices from all over the world. The series is going on with the Allianz Tower in Milan – the Headquater of Allianz Italy.

Milan as one of the most populous metropolitan areas in northern Italy and Europe, represents both the Italian romanticism as well as modern and contemporary architecture. Around the 30’s Milan became an important pole for the Italian and international architectural culture. These experimental style transformation leads to the identification of a “Milanese Style” by the work of diverse architectures. Also the splendid Allianz Tower which was designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and Italian architect Andrea Maffei shines bright under the Italian sun.

The Allianz skyscraper was built in 2012 and works as the headquarters of the Allianz Group Italy. In 2015 the building got also nominated by Emporis as the 3rd best skyscraper in that year and in the respective category. With 50-floor high and around 209 meter tallness, the tower is still one of the tallest buildings in Italy. The facade of the skyscraper is composed by 8 modules by 6 floors each and a triple glass curved to the outside. According to the designer Arata Isozaki the idea of an endless tower follows up by a vertical succession of rounded forms, which creates a feeling of slight vibration. The short sides of the building is fully glazed and shows the mechanical series of  six panoramic lifts going up to several floors of the tower.

                             If want to know more about the architecture process and the Allianz Tower Inauguration enjoy the video below by Thomas I.:

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