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Lots of Daring Stories – Catarina

by Kaixuan Li - February 9th, 2018

Lots of Daring Stories

Who doesn’t love good stories? Last year over 30 Allianz colleagues worldwide shared with us their stories of how they experience Allianz’s corporate culture. As we appreciate inspiring stories and authenticity we would also like to share these with you! February 2018 marks the beginning of our new blog series “Lots of Daring Stories”, discover monthly the culture at Allianz from an employee`s perspective. Interested? Then keep on reading!

Are we a good cultural match?

Imagine to be friends with someone who doesn’t share your values or principles, nor understands your culture. Surely, it will be a hard and rocky friendship. As for you and your employer the cultural fit can further affect your happiness as well as your performance at work.

At Allianz, we value good cultural matches. For example we recruit and develop those who act due to our People Attributes:  Entrepreneurship, Customer & Market Excellence, Trust and Collaborative Leadership. These People Attributes describe our key behavioral principles and build the basis of our culture. By living these we shape the HOME FOR THOSE WHO DARE.

But, what do these People Attributes exactly stand for and how are these lived by the Allianz employees? Learn from Catarina ( Business & Product Analyst at AGCS) her personal way of living our first People Attribute ‘Entrepreneurship’.


Catarina’s Daring Story –Entrepreneurship

“Each person can have an entrepreneurial impact on our company and if YOU feel your current position does not give you the chance to do so .. take ownership of your career and change it!”
(UW Business & Product Analyst, AGCS)




The People Attribute ‘Entrepreneurship’ at Allianz means:

1. To take risks and act on opportunities: Risks can have many forms, mostly it involves great uncertainties but also great opportunities. For Catarina it was the risk of giving up her familiar life, friends and the safe contract in Germany, when AGCS offered her a new position in New York. Catarina however, dared and act on this opportunity. “North Amerika is an important target market and I knew there was a lot to do and a lot to learn”, she says.

2. To take ownership and responsibility: Big opportunities don’t just come knocking on your door. However, taking ownership and responsibility for your career and actions will prepare you for your next career move and future opportunities. Catarina for example, worked in different positions and industries, e.g. Retail, Airlines, Tax and Insurance. Her diverse job experiences allowed her to benefit from the best practices of each industry and helped her to make sounder decisions. Catarina says: “[This is because] I question more the status quo, as I have experienced different scenarios.”

3. To embrace innovation: Innovation is not always about rocket science. Embracing innovation and being innovative is about continually question the current status and working on better solutions. Catarina finds herself often exchanging with other colleagues her understanding of what would be the best for AGCS’ long-term success. “The more I am observing and understanding the more I would like to share.” Working together, exchanging ideas and simply having a critical mind are key to innovation!

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Kaixuan Li

Allianz SE

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