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Do you embrace innovation?

by Christina Hubmann - March 2nd, 2018

Where people and performance matter – The corporate culture at Allianz (Part 4)


There is an entrepreneurial side in each of us. And in nowadays fast changing environment it becomes increasingly important to unleash our entrepreneurial potential. But how? Keep on reading for some tips and tricks on cultivating an innovative mind!

Allianz is the home where people as well as performance matter. By living our People Attributes we continuously shape our HOME FOR THOSE WHO DARE. Today we would like to introduce our People Attribute “Entrepreneurship” to you. Entrepreneurship at Allianz means:

  • Act on opportunities, take risks and promote a culture that allows honest failure
  • Take ownership and responsibility
  • Embrace innovation

Take ownership and responsibility

Staying in the comfort zone, dealing with routine tasks and not challenging the current status can be cozy and easy. But we live in a fast changing world where staying in our comfort zones prevent us from realizing bigger opportunities. Don’t always let others try new things first to see whether it is worth it or not. You can also challenge the current circumstances and the status where things stand. What ideas do you have in mind? Which approach is worth it to improve? Of which processes could your team get rid of in order to save time and to be more efficient? True innovators facilitate innovations by removing barriers and by motivating others to try new things.

Entrepreneurship not only appears in changing the big things. It is not always about rocket science. The thinking starts in your daily life. It is about continuously working on better solutions. For example: How can the current processes be simplified? Or even at work: How could you help a colleague to do a better job and how can things be done differently in order to add value? Just because it has been done like that in the past, doesn’t mean it needs to be carries on like this forever.

Exchange ideas and brainstorm

At Allianz we embrace innovation and promote a culture where honest failures are allowed. This is important since failing leads to learning! At Allianz you are able to make decisions without fear of retribution. However, keep in mind, that in such a big company with over 140,000 employees worldwide, there might be others who could help you and sometimes even prevent you from going in a completely wrong direction. Therefore, never underestimate the importance of a teammate!

If an opportunity arises, take risks and take decisions! But don’t forget to exchange with others. Also, consider the concerns and tips from your peers before you invest a lot of time and money in a wrong target. Ask yourself: Maybe someone has already worked on a similar topic? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Probably it’s easier to connect and collaborate than going the path on your own. As a start, talk regularly to your colleagues, this will help you to better understand their challenges, learnings, activities and their understanding of success. You can also set up regular informal lunch meetings to stay in contact with them and use the opportunity to brainstorm about new ideas.

Create milestones and measure success

Defining milestones and measuring success help us to keep track of our goals.  Also don’t forget to challenge your current ideas by asking the following questions: Which positive changes have arisen since I have implemented my idea? What could be better? Where does my idea still fall behind? As an entrepreneur you anticipate trends – which also means to adjust your idea, if needed.

Make others excited about it

You are ready to embrace the innovation and to act as entrepreneur? Great! Keep this thinking going. Don’t be disappointed if someone had the idea before and don’t be demotivated when facing difficulties. Hurdles are meant to be overcome. There is no perfect solution. Usually good ideas have go through many iterations and modifications before becoming a successful product. So focus on your ideas and never lose the motivation to challenge the current status.

Also, share your ideas with others, make them enthusiastic about your ideas but also allow critical feedback. Have innovation in mind in all areas – believe it, live it, express it and share it. And most importantly: Go out there and be fierce!


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Christina Hubmann

Global Communications

Christina Hubmann works in the Global Communications team of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, the Allianz centre of expertise for global business insurance and large corporate and specialty risks. She has a journalism background.

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