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Lots of Daring Stories – Marc

by Kaixuan Li - March 23rd, 2018

Marc’s Daring Story – Collaborative Leadership

People Attributes at Allianz represent the target behaviors which are essential to drive Inclusive Meritocracy. These also set the aspiration how each and every one of us should act.

In our last daring story, we learned about the People Attribute ‘Entrepreneurship’. Learn in this month’s daring story how Marc from Allianz Lebanon built up the Allianz SNA basketball team and even reached the big final through our second People Attribute “Collaborative Leadership”.


“(…)collaborative leadership is the key to every success story.”
Marc – Allianz Lebanon





Collaborative Leadership at Allianz means:

1. To empower the team and provide purpose and direction

It all started with an invitation for Allianz Lebanon to participate in a basketball tournament. There was only one problem: Allianz Lebanon had never participated in such activities nor had a sports team for basketball. Marc, a senior claims officer, was eager to win the championship on behalf of Allianz. He, therefore, pursued to establish Allianz Lebanon’s first basketball team. After gaining approval from management the Allianz SNA basketball team was born. Inspired by Marc’s initiative, the team quickly gained members from various departments.

2. To collaborate and exchange best practices

The team started organizing training sessions. They further exchanged among each other best practices, provided one another honest feedback and support. Eager to win the finals they also collaborated with experienced and motivated basketball coaches who guided them through their journey.

3. To develop people, provide feedback and care for employee well-being

Training after training, game after game the players’ performance became better and also their chemistry got stronger.

On the day of the big final, the stadium was fully packed. The players felt ready to win the game, as a closely bonded team, they played fast and fierce. And when the last minutes ran out and the crowd jumped up from their seats cheering, they knew, their dream became reality: Allianz SNA basketball team has become the champion!

“…Not only our efforts but also the company’s fan club (family, friends, etc.) allowed us to win the championship”, Marc says, “It was with no doubts, a great achievement for the team, the employees, the management and the company as a whole… a proof that collaborative leadership is the key to every success story.”.

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Kaixuan Li

Allianz SE

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